There quite a number of reasons why periods do not come fast in a good percentage of grown up women. In some, this is often caused by stress related issues, medical problems, and even medication. However, there are cases that weight gain or loss will affect period pattern. The other causes include; eating disorders, exercise, as well as increased travel activities. The million dollar question that most women like to ask is; how to make your period come faster.  

You must understand the root cause
There are multiple answers to this question based on variable factors that affect the frequency of your period. In case you want to stabilize your period, you can use of natural ways; medication/contraceptive, exercise, use of particular foods, as well as controlling stress levels and change of diet. The best way to make your periods come faster is to ascertain the underlying problem that is causing delays or even missed periods. As a matter of fact, this will help you not to use wrong methods that will not effectively eliminate the problem at hand. Remember, if you have started having periods you might also experience this problem the first few years until your hormones find a balance.

Natural Ways
The best thing about natural ways is that they do not have any severe side effects and are known to be quite effective. This can include increasing body heat by having a hot bath. Increased body temperatures are known to have a direct impact on dilation leading to the uterus reacting by releasing the period. In this case, you will have solved the problem without necessarily spending a fortune.

If you want your periods to come faster, then definitely you will consult a qualified medical doctor who can prescribe medication. In this case, you will have two option and these are birth control pills and hormone injections. However, your doctor will evaluate your health condition prior to suggesting any one of the two. It’s safe and has proven to be quite effective.

Exercise, Food & Diet
There a direct relation between foods that you eat and the delay in menstrual period in most women. For instance, foods rich in sodium can make the situation worse, but those that have plenty of carotene can make your periods come fast. Importantly, eating red meat has proven to be quite effective for those that want their period to come fast as it increases body temperature. Pineapple too is another wonder fruit that you can bank on for fast period because it contains chemicals that can help speed up the process.

 This said, changing your diet to specific foods can always be a big remedy. Above all, always do exercises in order to reduce stress levels that can be a major cause of delayed or irregular menstrual period. In fact, weight gain can always lead to irregular period, too. As a word of advice, try to check on Body Mass Index and know that it5 is correct.

 Other methods
There are other methods that can help make your periods come faster, these include; sex and use of ginger or parsley. In sex, vagina will contract and relax enabling the uterus release the period. On the other hand, ginger helps expand the uterus hence your blood will come faster. Note that what will work for you is not necessarily what will work for the other women. Therefore, always consult extensively before using any specific methods.